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We have been running as a swimming school and providing swimming lessons since 2000. The guiding principle upon which our teaching methods are based is that our swimmers must enjoy swimming. We have a strict no trauma, lots of fun policy. We have seen over and over again that children who do not enjoy their swimming lessons do not progress at all. It is vital that they love their swimming lessons if there is to be any progress at all. And on the other side of the coin those children who love their swimming lessons not only progress well, but also build new higher levels of self-confidence. This will serve them well throughout their entire lives and into our club swimming. 

We are careful to choose wonderful teachers. Our teachers have to go through a rigorous recruitment process and must genuinely love teaching their swimmers. Because of this, our pool is always a happy and cheerful place that is very child-friendly. All swimming lessons happen in our Crawford swimming pools. Our pool is outdoor and heated to about 30 degrees centigrade.

We have round the year pool heaters and blankets to ensure we keep adequate temperature during the course of our swimming season. We provide lessons for children ranging from AGES: 2 years - Adults.

Adults lessons start from R700 per month.
1x lesson a week= R700 per month.
2x lessons a week= R980 per month.
3x or more lessons a week= R1400 per month. 

The pool is 25m X 25m and 2 meters deep with the use of submerged tables and platforms. Pop in to meet us and view the Crawford swimming pools. We do a free Assessment so that we can place you or your child into the best possible classes. When you are ready, come and join the fun and learn a life-saving skill at the same time. 

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