Be Proud Of Your Club

Gala protocol is applicable to all, and is implemented to ensure that parents and swimmers can experience the best at galas. Following gala protocol ensures that we achieve a gala that runs smoothly where we are respectful of one another and proud of our club with happy swimmers achieving great results.

At galas we encourage swimmers to sit together with the coaches and parents to sit together separately when or if possible. This gives the swimmers freedom to build strong relationships and bonds together and the same with the parents. It also imparts the swimmers to learn how to be responsible and ensure that they are race ready instead of always relying on mom or dad.

Programs aren't always sold at galas, however there is a mobile app called: MEET MOBILE which is available for all swimmers and parents which gives a live updated program with results.

What is Gala Protocol

What are the rules for Club Members at galas?

Who do I speak to at a gala if I want to scratch,etc?

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