Yes that’s right, we swim at night

Sandton Seals club night galas are important social events that form a part of teaching swimmers about what it is like to race under very relaxed and fun conditions. Swimmers are encouraged to try race under the supervision of the coaches, who can give direct feedback after races so that swimmers will learn and know what to practice in training.

It’s a fun environment for all the swimmers and parents that are a part of the club to bond and get to know one another. The main focus of Club Night is to help swimmers focus on improvement and not placing. Most swimmers already compete at school level, and understand the process of winning or losing, we feel it is most important for swimmers to recognise their improvement, hence why we have a points-based system that is graded on improvement and awards are given towards the end of the swimming season to reward those who have improved the most.

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What are Club Night Galas and how do they work?

1. How many are there and when are they?

  • There are 8 club night galas per season.

  • 4 are held from September to October and 4 are held from January to February.

  • You will receive notification of the dates and the coach will remind the swimmers.

  • Galas are held every 2 weeks on a Tuesday night at 6pm and are finished by 7pm.

  • Registration starts at 5:30 pm on the day of the gala at the pool.

2. Who can participate?

  • All Sandton Seals members may enter the gala for free.

  • Guests and friends are welcome and they are charged R50 to participate.

  • It is compulsory for full members and is considered part of the training session for senior swimmers.

  • It is one of the few forums where the senior swimmers mix with the juniors (due to different training times they often don’t meet) and this is an opportunity for role model relationships to be formed.

3. Why you should come and how can you help?

  • This is where you interact with other parents and swimmers and the nucleus of good friendships and a strong club is formed.

  • This does take organising and we encourage parents of both social and full members to lend a hand with time keeping, catering and other functions.

4. What is the basic procedure on club night?

  • The age group the swimmer swims is determined by their age on the day.

  • There are 3-4 pre-determined events for each age group at every gala.

  • Swimmers may swim all or some events subject to the Coach’s approval.

  • Swimmers are not racing each other – they are trying to improve their own times.

  • If they have never swum a race before they get 2 points irrespective of the time.

  • If they have swum it before and improve on their best time they get 3 points.

  • If the time is not an improvement they get 1 point for participation.

  • At the end of the season the male and female swimmer in each age group with the most points (i.e. who has improved the most) receives the club night trophy.

  • Certificates and an award are made to swimmers that compete in all 8 Galas.

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