CGA Swimming

How does provincial swimming work?

Coaches will discuss all requirements for CGA swimming with each swimmer and parent.

CGA Rules

For a comprehensive explanation off all competitive swimming rules visit: www.centralgautengaquatics.co.za


You notify the coach/committee member of your interest (if they don’t find you first!). BELIEVE IT OR NOT? To run a rugby match requires 3 officials and to run a gala requires in excess of 50 officials.

Why must every family have at least one qualified timekeeper/official?
Inter Club Competitions, clubs will be required to provide SSA registered trained officials for EVERY SESSION, according to the number of swimmers entered in the competition:

All Technical Officials must be correctly attired.
White shirts and Navy Blue Trousers or skirts for finals sessions.
Navy blue shorts for heats.

  1. These are all volunteers.

  2. CGA can prevent participation of swimmers from or fine clubs who do not comply with the above ruling on officials.

  3. If you have not done a timekeepers course help in the form of selling programmes, announcing, marshalling, admin at the gala is counted towards the clubs number of officials.

How do I attend a timekeepers course?

How do I become a judge?
If after timekeeping for a period, you are interested in becoming a judge or being involved in gala computer administration please notify the coach of your interest and your name will be forwarded to CGA Officials Committee for relevant training.


South African Institute for Drug-free Sport

For issues concerning doping and the use of certain medication visit: www.drugfreesport.org.za

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